Connect with your community

There are no fees for the Connect With Your Community programs listed below

Highlight A Local Group
Have a local high school, college or community band play one 20-30 minute pre-concert set prior to the DIVA performance.

Feature a “Local Star”
Have an outstanding student, teacher or local celebrity perform one selection with DIVA (guest will play on one of DIVA’s arrangements). This should be arranged one month in advance; guest performer must be available to rehearse at DIVA’s sound check on the day of the performance.

DIVAs Perform With You
One or more of DIVA’s musicians can be invited to perform with your school or community ensemble as a featured guest soloist during pre-concert set (see “Highlight a Local Group”, above).

DIVAs Connect
One or more of DIVA’s musicians will make a pre-concert visit to local community centers, nursing homes, social work organizations, day care centers, or community service organizations for an open discussion/Q&A regarding the evening’s performance. This option works as an incentive for Group Sales.

“…The individual sectional clinics were very informative, and from what I heard from all of the clinics, the musician showed students skills that they could directly apply to their playing which made it fun for them. The experience was extremely positive, and the students have been talking about it constantly. Those students that attended the concert with their parents have said nothing but exciting remarks about the performance. Since the arrival of DIVA at Metro High School, the jazz band has added several new members (all female) and a couple new DIVA t-shirts. I believe that says it all!…”
Jayme Barnard, Director of Music