TNT: A Tommy Newsom Tribute

  1. Titter Pipes
  2. Pensativa
  3. Three Shades Of Blue
  4. Moonlight
  5. Nat Cole Medley
    Mona Lisa; Nature Boy; Straighten Up And Fly Right; Route 66
  6. Too Late Now
  7. Trail Mix
  8. Remember Medley
    Remember; I Remember You
  9. Come Sunday
  10. The Red Door

“I have had the privilege to compose and arrange music for some of the greatest musicians, orchestras and bands in the world… I can say with all honesty that DIVA is at the top of my list.”
Tommy Newsom

“If I was still hosting the Tonight Show and Doc, Tommy and the guys weren’t available I would hire this band in a heartbeat. As you can hear in these Tommy Newsom arrangements, Sherrie Maricle and these ladies really swing. They’re simply terrific and could hold their own with the best of the big bands.”
Johnny Carson