Something’s Coming

(Out of print)

  1. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
  2. My Favorite Things
  3. If I Should Lose You
  4. Esperanza
  5. Famous Don’t Pay The Rent
  6. Three Sisters And A Cousin
  7. Caravan
  8. Stardust
  9. Ding Dong (The Witch Is Dead)
  10. 80 Chestnut Street
  11. Something’s Coming

“The all-female jazz orchestra Diva (which has the subtitle of No Man’s Band) makes their recording debut on this CD from Perfect Sound. Headed by drummer Sherri Maricle (whose Buddy Rich-inspired style had been previously featured on Stash), the 15-piece big band has arrangements by Maricle, Michael Abene, John LaBarbera, and Tommy Newsome.

…the clean ensembles, hard-swinging rhythm section, and many talented soloists make Diva stand out from the crowd… recommended for big band fans.”
Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

“Big bands simply don’t get much better than this.”
Jack Bowers