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Review: Geannine Reid, All About Jazz

Geannine Reid says: “What is most shining about this big band, is its collective sound. The precision of each composer’s contribution to the project, highlights the unification of mastery by each musician beyond their remarkable playing technique. Together they bond for the overall success of a unified project. This teamwork, is what makes this release head and shoulders in its presentation.”

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Review: Hrayr Attarian, All About Jazz

Hrayr Attarian says: “The 25th Anniversary Project is an intriguing set of ten originals by various members of band that highlights their inventive and imaginative artistry… This recording is the result of a quarter century of artistic maturation that has crystalized in an exquisite display of high caliber musicianship. Thanks to Maricle’s dynamic leadership the group continues to captivate and thrill.”

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Here’s what’s happening with DIVA!

Review: NYC Jazz Record

The New York City Jazz Record

Review: Lemon Wire

DIVA Jazz Orchestra creates music as unique as its members

Review: Step Tempest

Richard B. Kamins says: “Diva Jazz Orchestra may be 25 years old but this album sounds fresh and on target.  There’s neither a weak tune nor boring solo in the 65-minute program. Yes, you can hear echoes of Count Basie, touches of Duke Ellington, a bit of Woody Herman but they are just that – echoes.  What truly stands out is how strong this music, how much fun the musicians are having as an ensemble, and how positive the listening experience is.  Happy “25th Anniversary Project”!  Here’s to many more.”

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Review: Midwest Record

Midwest Record Entertainment: Reviews, news, and views

Sherrie “live” on KUNV 91.5

Sherrie talks with Kim Linzy and Steve Edwards about the DIVA 25th Anniversary CD, DIVA founder Stanley Kay, and more on KUNV 91.5’S “The Morning Lounge.”

25th Anniversary Project CD now available

A huge and heartfelt thank you to those of you who have participated in our 25th Anniversary CD Project! We hope you’re enjoying the recording and all the behind-the-scenes videos, photos, arrangement sketches, and journal entries.

If you haven’t participated yet there’s still time, and new participant offers are still to come.

Visit our project page at http://artistshare.com/v4/Projects/Experience/358/492/1/Diva-Jazz-Orchestra-25th-Anniversary-Project?v=2 to order the CD and get access to all the extras. And visit the CD page at for audio samples!

Happy Holidays from the DIVA Jazz Orchestra